OLLOPA 23’s mission


OLLOPA’s mission is to use our scientific expertise to offer you products that allow your ideas to achieve liftoff.

A successful launch fuelled by enough THC

Thanks to our cold extraction technique, we are able to extract more than 90% of the THC from cannabinoids. This advanced technology allows us to know the exact quantity of THC in our products and offer the same quality each time.

  • Our manufacturing process

    Inside our mission control centre

  • Step 1

    State-of-the-art installations

    With over 25 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical extraction and purification, we have developed a unique expertise. Leaving nothing to chance, we extract THC and CBD from biomass in our highly secure facilities.

  • Step 2

    Cold extraction

    To extract cannabis, we have created a cold ethanol extraction technique. This allows us to produce high-quality THC products with remarkable purity.

  • Step 3

    Heat activation

    The extracted THC and CBD are heated to activate the effects. They are then ready to be turned into an oral spray, oil or capsule.

Our Values