All about OLLOPA

OLLOPA is a brand owned by PurCann Pharma, a Quebec-based company specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of purified hemp and cannabis extracts.

We offer smart cannabis products for the discerning consumer. Fasten your seatbelt, because with OLLOPA, you could find yourself in another universe!

If you can’t find your answer in this FAQ section, contact mission control centre at info@ollopa.ca.

Our products

In Quebec, our products are available in-store or online through the SQDC. For other Canadian provinces, please refer to locally authorized points of sale.

Negative! We may be scientific experts at OLLOPA, but we are not qualified to make medical recommendations.
For medical cannabis, you can consult specialized clinics that will answer your questions.

- Softgel are to be taken in one go, without chewing or allowing them to melt. They are easy to take and easy to use.
- The oral spray comes in a practical, safe and easy-to-carry format that’s always within the astronaut’s reach. It allows you to control the intake according to the number of sprays (about 0.1 mL per spray).
- Oils are applied with a graduated pipette under the tongue. The dosage can be adjusted as needed, just like with the oral spray.

Remember: When consumed orally, it takes more time to take off, but the flight is longer!

There’s no launch without all the necessary safety measures in place. Our products have all passed Health Canada’s tests. Reaching the stars safely is our priority.

Depending on the dose taken and individual tolerance, the effects of the cannabinoids in our products can last from several tens of minutes to several hours.
We always recommend a prudent and gradual consumption for a safe and comfortable flight.

Affirmative! Our products undergo analyses at internal and external laboratories, so they always meet the standards required by law. Curious to know more about our cannabinoid extraction method? Visit our “About” section.

Affirmative! We are constantly in the R&D phase. New experiences will be available soon with CBG, CBN... the cannabinoid universe is vast!

The magic of OLLOPA products lies in a clever mix of mainly purified cannabinoids and MCT (typically found in coconut oil) in the case of oral sprays and oil. Gelatin (bovine) is used in our softgel, and our beverages contain a range of ingredients.


We recommend small concentrations and limited amounts. Note that the first effects may take several tens of minutes (or even hours) before you achieve liftoff.

Balanced formulations (THC/CBD) are also recommended for less experienced users, as CBD will tend to soften the effects of THC.

We strongly advise against combining our cannabis products with alcohol or other drugs. We also advise against using our products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

We invite all rookie and seasoned astronauts to seek advice from a health professional to ensure safe cannabis use. OLLOPA aims for safe and responsible consumption!

Never. With OLLOPA, you can enjoy the ride while staying out of the driver’s seat, so you stay in control. You should never drive a vehicle after consuming cannabis. It’s not just us who say so, it’s the law.

The science

Science is present at every level of our laboratory process, from the choice of genetics and processing methods to the formulations, analyses and monitoring. Our technology is cutting edge.

Native to Asia, cannabis is an annual plant that comes from the same species as hemp. Both belong to the Cannabaceae family. The active elements of cannabis (cannabinoids such as CBD and THC) are found in varying concentrations in the different parts of the plant (flower, leaves, etc.). Unlike cannabis, hemp contains little or no psychoactive agents (THC).

THC may produce euphoric effects and different mental impressions. It’s the high experienced during takeoff.

CBD does not produce psychotropic effects but can give rise to a state of relaxation and calm, like you’re floating in zero gravity.


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