The many benefits of buying legal cannabis

D(18) . M(5) . Y(2022) Learning

I was the kind of person who had my pusher’s number on speed dial. I was definitely part of his weekly runs. We had even become close friends (well, in my opinion!). I never thought I would end our relationship over legal cannabis, but then my whole world changed. Here’s why.

My missions have been greatly simplified

Unless I feel like checking out different stores, I can now always go to the same shop near my home. No more random street corners! The store is super clean and rarely crowded. Plus, since the opening hours are fixed, I don't have to worry about anyone’s availability. I shop when it suits me, with peace of mind.

I have to admit that there are nights – especially in winter – when the idea of going out puts me off. When this happens, I pick up my phone or my computer and do the easy thing: I order my weed online! It’s so magical to live in a time where many licensed vendors can deliver within 24 hours. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

I discovered the enormity of the cannabis world

I thought I knew quite a bit about cannabis use, but I now realize that I had a lot to learn. Since transactions with my pusher were done more on the sly, I never took the time to ask him about his products. And even if I had, he wouldn't necessarily have had all the answers.

Now it’s easy for me to know the source, concentration and expected effects of what I buy. The staff at licensed stores are trained to help me make the right choices and to offer me products that fit my needs and habits. I like being able to get the best cannabis on the market. After all, my body is not a car! I want to make sure that what I consume is of high quality! In the store, I can find safe and reliable oils, beverages and capsules. Some are even prepared with advanced technology that lets you know the exact amount of THC in the product and enjoy the same quality each time. So I know that if a product blows my mind once, it will have the same effect when I come back for more. My favourites are the oils and capsules.

The variety is out of this world

The best part is that the selection is really vast, much larger than what a pusher can offer you. Behind the counter, there are a whole bunch of different formats: flowers, oils, sprays, capsules, edibles (in some provinces), beverages and pre-rolled joints, all hermetically sealed to promote freshness. Bye-bye Mason jars and Ziploc baggies that opened up in my bag, leaving a strong smell behind.

Rather than choosing my cannabis by category alone – Sativa, Indica or Hybrid – I now think more about the effect I’m looking for and which format works best for me at the time. When I want to vary my consumption, I opt for a practical and discreet format like the spray. Honestly, its subtle taste is less disorienting than many recipes I’ve tried to make in the past. And for something special, I treat myself to flavoured beverages. I mean, what pusher is going to deliver your cannabis in a cranberry-flavoured beverage?

I am in my universe

For me, legal cannabis is more than a buzz. It has really become my favourite way to consume. The quality is always there and the prices are not necessarily higher than on the black market. With all the products available, it’s impossible not to find the one that will give me the exact high I want.