How to shop for cannabis online like a pro

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Your choice of cannabis can vary depending on where you want to go or what kind of rocket you want to ride. But how do you shop for weed online when there are no advisors around to help out? It’s easy. Here's a quick guide so you can better understand the products available.

There's a lot of information on the labels. How do I sort it out?

Product labels can seem (almost) as complex as rocket science. And they vary from province to province. Here's what you need to remember when reading them.

The category: Sativa, Indica or hybrid?

Whether a product belongs to one of these categories depends on the phenotype of the plant it comes from, that is to say, its form. Sativas are known to keep you awake longer, while Indica is known to have a more reflective effect. The genetic evolution of plants in the last 30 years has given rise to a new dominant family: the hybrids. Understanding the category is just one of several characteristics of cannabis. There are others. That's why the Neil Armstrongs of weed shopping are more interested in format and dosage.

The format: From joints to capsules

This one is pretty simple. The label tells you what's in the package: pre-rolled joints, capsules, dried flowers, etc. Depending on how you consume your cannabis, your stay in the cosmos may vary. We'll come back to this a bit later on.

THC and CBD content (in milligrams/grams)

No, you're not seeing double. There are most likely two values for THC and two values for CBD on your oil or capsule label. The first is the amount of active cannabinoids in a product at the time of purchase. The second, the total, is the amount that will be absorbed by your body at the time of consumption. You can rely on the second one if you want to estimate a more accurate dosage.

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Packaging date

The packaging date is on the labels, but not the expiration date. Why not? Because although it loses its freshness over time, cannabis is always ready for space tourism!

Let's return to formats: What is the difference between capsules, oils, flowers, and the rest?

There are many ways to consume cannabis. Here are the most common ones.


Flowers are smoked and are available in different formats: whole flowers, pre-rolled joints or ground cannabis (bye-bye grinder). Whole flowers must first be ground and rolled before being consumed. They are an economical and multi-sensory option that is usually appreciated by the Buzz Aldrins of this world. Once inhaled, they could instantly launch you on an exhilarating journey.


The ultimate in discretion! Small capsules are easy to swallow and carry around. Capsules like Titan may make you feel like you're floating weightless for a long time. Because they must first pass through the digestive system, capsules are like a slow-burning fuel that doesn't generate smoke.


Depending on how they are used, oils can act in a variety of ways. Sublingual drops act more slowly on the brain, but the graduated syringe that comes with the oil means the intensity can vary. Discreet sprays, like the Big Bang, can reveal a whole world with a spritz, and they’re easy to carry.


Tasty, perfect on the go and refreshing, the drinks are the opposite of a surprise attack. The dosage is predictable and the effects are not usually sudden. Like the oils, the active ingredients must pass through the digestive system before they take effect.

What is the difference between the dosages?

Just how far into the galaxy will your pot take you?

It all depends on your astronaut CV and the ratio between the molecules in a product. This ratio represents the proportion of THC and CBD. If, for example, your oil has 25 mg/g of THC and 1 mg/g of CBD, its ratio is 25:1. A high THC content could lead you to discover new celestial bodies, while a high CBD concentration could make your time on Earth a little sweeter.. What if the ratio is 1:1? In a balanced product, CBD will tend to soften the buzz associated with THC. Determining a product's ratio will tell you if it's right for your mission. To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure you choose products with a consistent dosage - OLLOPA's for example. That way, your experience shouldn't change at all from one expedition to the next.

To continue your exploration...

There are many reliable sources for information about cannabis. Health Canada websites or authorized distributors such as the SQDC or OCS can help you make informed choices when shopping.